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Mentor Coaching

Coaching is a great joy for me.  Consequently I love working with other coaches.

As the former Executive Vice President and Dean of the Thomas Leonard Coaching School, I have an extensive background in training and working with coaches from all over the world. As your mentor coach, I’ll coach you, as well as share what has worked for me, my clients and the coaches in my network.

As a coach, and as the co-creator of Conversation Among Masters and the non-profit Coach Initiative, I’ve also worked with many master level coaches. For experienced and successful coaches, we often look at improving life work integration, working less and enjoying it more, creating new visions for success or new products, and generally playing a bigger game.

For newer coaches, we’ll work on expanding your network, establishing your practice, improving your coaching skills, work towards coaching certification if desired, and on whatever professional goals you may have. Since as a coach, people look to you not only for expertise and guidance, but they look to see that you are walking your talk, we’ll work on personal goals as well.


Inquire about availability. I only have a few mentoring spots at a time.