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May 2012

Free Conference Calling

by Donna Steinhorn on May 31, 2012


Have you ever wished you could get all your family on the phone together to plan a get together or share news?  Do you work remotely and need to get your team together on the phone?

Over the years I’ve used many different bridge lines, but this one is hands down the best.  They offer free conferencing calling for up to 1000 (that’s not a typo) users at a time.  Free recordings.  Free storage space. You can access conference call reports for each call to review when and which of your conferencing attendees joined or left your conference call.  Better yet, attendees can dial in via regular phone, cell phone or VOIP services without issue.



Gmail…yes gmail

by Donna Steinhorn on May 30, 2012

Perhaps it’s surprising to see gmail as a resource, but for those who are not already using it, it’s an amazingly useful tool for organizing your life and business. Not only is it easy to use, organize and search, it effortlessly syncs on your smartphone, iPad as well as on the web.  You can keep track of your tasks, schedule your calendar, access your google documents (shared or private) and use gchat (and IM client) as well as google call (VOIP), all right from gmail.  And you can set it up to send from and receive using your professional email address as well.  Text, voice, video chat and email…could you want much more? Plus it’s free for individuals.  There’s an enterprise version as well.


Books and blogs and apps…oh my!

by Donna Steinhorn on May 30, 2012

We live in an amazing world with a wealth of resources.  Our world is full to the brim with choices for technology, websites, browsers, marketing opportunities, blogs, books, applications, news, entertainment, and so much more.  It’s both a boon and a paradox of overwhelming options.

Here I share with you some of the options I’ve curated after trial and error, research and choice.  You can be sure, if it’s listed here, I’ve used it, read it, loved it.

I’ll be adding to it, so keep on coming back. And please, share with me the things you loved that you’ve come across!  Just send an email to private at coachingtosuccess.org .